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About Charles Hyatt Foundation

Charles Hyatt, OD. was a distinguished son of Jamaica, a man who gave his life to the performance arts in Jamaican diaspora. He was an actor, comedian, performer, writer, director and broadcaster, known and loved across all lines; "Charlie" was a beloved man of the people who became a household name. This website is made for the purposes of educating the world about his accomplishments and to also keep his legacy going by way of the "Charles Hyatt Foundation."

To learn more about what the foundation is about please check out our Mission Statement or the About page.

About Charles Hyatt

Jamaican actor, playwright, comedian, director, broadcaster, storyteller, teacher Charles Eglerton Hyatt was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on February 14, 1931, the son of Herbert Hyatt, taxi-driver, and Ruth Burke, home-maker, and was educated at St Aloysious Boys’ School and St Simon’s College.

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To give all young people, access, opportunity and options to become positive professionals