About Charles Hyatt Foundation

The Charles Hyatt Foundation, a nonprofit organization, provides a viable road for young people to take on the quest for self-actualization. The foundation’s mission is to support activities which will ensure the sustainable development of the youth by encouraging their creative energies.

We are dedicated to letting young people know that their creative energies are supported because we see them as sustainable, viable avenues to positively productive careers.

We have a continued relationship with the Boys Town Community in Trench Town, where we have moved our Straight Talk session. Every month, as we did at Alpha Boys School, we introduce the students to positive professionals that share their road map to success. This is not a pep talk but a real life ‘reasoning’ as to the actual steps taken and needed to become an expert in the respective careers. The first school year at Boys Town All Age School has been mind blowing and powerful. We have also partnered with Boys Town to assist in implementing their vast plans of enhancement to the community. Look out for many special projects coming from this partnership.

The foundation has had many milestones. We assisted the Nannyville Basic School with getting a new computer and refurbishing their reading/creative area to give the children more access to technology which will support their quest to nurturing their creativeness.

At the Alpha School for Boys we gave scholarships to young boys so that they can take their Royal School of Music exams. We also fortified our teaming with Alpha to bring about building the character and skills of the boys so that they leave there with a sense of pride, as they will leave with a sought after professional skill.

We also have done work with the UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association) to help a young man, who was once at Alpha, to become a teacher of an instrument. He had the desire and the skill to do it but he was missing one essential thing…. The sax. We decided that this situation could never go on without our intervention so we gifted a brand new saxophone to the UNIA to facilitate him being that teacher and making a living doing so.

On top of those things, we have created a scholarship of excellence at the Edna Manley School of Art in the drama school for a student entering his/her final year with exemplary scholastic achievement. Our scholarship pays for all school related expenses related to the academic final year.

Our fund raisers have been a great success that have allowed us to affect the lives of many students. We thank every contributor to our efforts and welcome anyone who would like to get involved. Please check out our contact pages to to keep in touch.