Charles Hyatt Foundation launched

The launch of the foundation dedicated to the life of thespian, radio, stage and screen actor, broadcaster and comedian, the late Charles Hyatt, got underway in truly Charlie fashion — with laughter

At the Pantry Playhouse in New Kingston on Monday night a spotlight brought into focus a lone portrait sitting on a easel centrestage. Then out of nowhere comes the familiar sound of Hyatt’s voice.

It is a recording of one of his stand-up routines in which he bemoans getting old. According to Hyatt he is at the stage in life when he is referred to as old folk. “That means everything I am stalking is folkery,” her quipped, much to the amusement of his audience.

He continues, “this folkery doesn’t seem to be a bad thing as so many persons are being recognised at the highest level for their… folkery.”

Hyatt recalled the work of folklorist Miss Lou who was recognised worldwide for her folkery, The Jamaican Folk Singers who continue to sing folkery all over the world. He noted that many had even received national awards, like himself, for the folkery. Therefore it was clear to him that, “folkery is the order of the day.”

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