Charlie and Me!!

On 4/28/2015 9:13 AM, Trevor Spence wrote:

Dear Charles

As promised, please see memories of your Father.

When me was a boy

When me was a boy

I became Programme Secretary at Kingston YMCA in 1974 when Karl Dalhouse was General Secretary. Karl was also Registrar at Little Theatre. During that time and Karl’s tragic death in a motor vehicle accident, your Dad did some Drama at the YMCA.

More on a personal note; in 1995, my mother was admitted to hospital in Canada with cancer. We are from the country parts, but she had spent a few youthful years at North Street, Kingston.

I visited her in the hospital in Canada for about three weeks. I picked up a copy of your Dad’s Book “When me was a Boy” at the airport. Besides the Bible, she looked forward to my daily reading of stories from your Father’s Book. She enjoyed them very much and often commenting on her own memories of situations.

God bless you as you continue to honour his memory.