Happy Birthday Charlie

You have always been a trend setter. Every time I’m introduced to someone, there is a story to be told about how Charlie impacted life. Your soul might be at rest but your legacy lives on. You have never been forgotten and I know it is one of the things you wished for.

Without fail, every year during the Christmas time, your “Old Folk” joke from ‘Perils of Charlie’ is sent around and ends up in my inbox, or on What’sApp at least 15 times. Does that mean that I have a small circle of friends that all share the same content? I think you and I know that is not the case. It’s because that monologue is set in stone as one of the best ever, period. You did that.. and so much more. Your mark on Jamaican society is what a friend would call, indelible. The greatest thing about being your son is, I get a to smile every time someone else tells me a story about you and them.

Leonie Forbes, Charles Hyatt I, and Fae Ellington

I’ll never forget meeting our partner in crime, Big Youth, one day and he grabbed me up and rough me up just to see if I could match up. Then he said, “You a joke man!!! You have no idea how important your father was to Jungle”. Then he patted me on my back and said, ‘Mi glad fi meet yuh. Come talk to me one day’. Then he walked away. One day, that talk will happen because I love hearing about you through your friends. How many Charles Hyatt’s were there?

There are so many of stories just like that one. The blessing though, is that I have my own. (insert big grin) Remember Poor Ting, General, Gertrude, Betsy, Clive, the scotch bonnet tree, when I almost lost my big toe but you introduced me to the real meaning of salt in a wound??? I have to laugh now. I can tell you one thing, you are missed. Rose and Linda talk about you almost every day to their friends and family. Auntie Leonie, Auntie Alma, Uncle Buddy and Auntie Cissy are all getting more beautiful every day. I’m sure Auntie Alma will be with us for at least another 45 years. she is such a gem. Oh, Aunt Fae is now the host of Profile. Good tings don’t??? She is doing such a great job. You will also be happy to know that Blakka still tells the story of that talent show. Also, Christopher “Johnny” Daley is carrying on the stand up tradition really serious. That man have it Dad… but you said that long ago.

Charles and Gertrude

Anyway, on this great day of celebration of your birth and the life you lived, I say ‘big up pon yuh earthstrong’. I pray your soul is resting in peace and if you are able to do all over again, do it!!

Peace and love Daddy!