Hurricane Honeymoon, a hit!

Last night’s staging of Patrick Brown’s Hurricane Honeymoon was an absolute gem. ┬áThe support that we got as the benefit hosts was tremendous and people came out to have a good time. We were able to thank our supporters and also treat everyone to treats which pampered their palettes.

A special thank you to South Beach Restaurant and Sports Bar, Kathy Gayle’s GRA.C.E.S, Comedytainment, JamBiz, and Keith Atkinson for helping to produce a spectacular night of food, friends, laughter, and fun.

Take a look and enjoy the pictures.

Altano And Tamara.1 Judith Hyatt and Nicole Brown pose with CH Snr.1 Judith Jackie Sophia enjoying GRA.C.E.S Kathy Gayle Issuing her delightful treats.1 Lenford Samon speaks about Charles Hyatt's Contribution to the arts.1 Nicole Brown Poses with Charles Hyatt Sr.1 South Beach Reseraunt and Sports Bar Setting up for the night.1 Supporters enjoying the cocktails.1 Supporters enjoying the cocktails2.1 Supporters enjoying the cocktails3.1