Hyatt Jr carrying torch, not filling shoes

Recently, Charles Hyatt Jr was hosting a show with Ity and Fancy Cat at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston. “I said ‘I am Charles Hyatt Jr, I am not here to fill his shoes’. The crowd said ‘you can’t!’,” he told The Sunday Gleaner.

Hyatt has long been aware of his inability to replace his father, even as he looks forward to being onstage and before the camera full-time. “That is one of the reasons I moved home, to carry the torch. Can’t fill his shoes, but I can carry the torch,” he said.

good company

He is in good company with many of those who crackled and cackled merrily along with his father, including Buddy Pouyatt, Grace McGhie, Louis Marriott and Fae Ellington, whom he describes as “family friends”.

Hyatt’s first memory of his father’s acting wasn’t on the stage, but around the dining table when he was about four years old. “He did not like the food he was eating, but knew he could not say it,” Hyatt said. But he could show it through his expression and “the antics he had to go through, it was absolutely hilarious”.

On the formal stage, an early memory of his father is from The King And I and “then there was one he played a lion”. Hyatt Jr last saw his father perform in Basil Dawkins’ ‘Hot Pot’.

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