The “Silent Agent”

IMG_20151009_092053Today, a group of students and teachers were treated to a behind the scenes look at what it takes for us to be entertained. The practitioner was Ms. L. Nicole Brown of “23 1 EP”. Ms. Brown explained to the group some of what it takes to actually put on an event and the skills she has built over the years doing just that. From being a stage manager for plays to being a Talent Manager, Talent Buyer/Booking Agent and Event Producer. Each example brought a new understanding of just how involved and complicated it is to make your audience laugh, cry, dance, or sit still in anticipation.

Ms. Brown’s life story showed just how preparation and opportunity can lead to success, if you decide you are more brave than afraid. She introduced the students to the tools of her trade – books, computer, phone – which she utilized to gain knowledge of how to make a living in the entertainment field. She explained the importance of the education path she has taken that ultimately assisted in her growth in her business. She also encouraged the students to think of school as ‘going to work everyday’ and keep that focus in mind to be determined and persistent towards their goals.

The interaction with the students was ongoing throughout today’s session, but they really got excited when Ms. Brown gave in to a challenge that was issued and not only sang for them but allowed 3 students to entertain the group with their own talent.

In the end, Ms. Brown encouraged the students and the teachers to “Dream Big” and be prepared!!!

Thank you Ms. Brown for a compelling ‘reasoning’ with our youth. You did good!!!

Take a look at some of the shots from our Straight Talk session.

IMG_20151009_091815 IMG_20151009_091217 IMG_20151009_091059 IMG_20151009_090813 IMG_20151009_090754 L. Nicole Brown IMG_20151009_090207 IMG_20151009_090145 IMG_20151009_090120 IMG_20151009_094204 IMG_20151009_094228 IMG_20151009_092639 IMG_20151009_092541 IMG_20151009_092302IMG_20151009_090821IMG_20151009_091134